EDI Transaction Control

EDI Transaction Control allows you to display the list of inbound and Outbound EDI Transactions, with the option to drill down to view the detail of each EDI Transaction. 

The primary use of EDI Transaction Control is to view the status of EDI Transactions and to reset transactions in Error following the resolution of the original reason for EDI Processing failure. 

To display the EDI Transaction Control, perform the following:



EDI Transaction Control - Error Reset 

The ECS/EDI Processor validates Inbound and Outbound  Message content against the predefined EDI Standards database and Syntax Set. EDI Transactions will be placed into an Error Status ("ERR") if there is a problem with EDI Message and the error report will be automatically emailed to the designated EDI Trading Partner Event Administrator. Once the reason for the error has been rectified it is normal to attempt to reprocess the transaction in Error. This can be performed within the EDI Transaction Control detail panel.

The following is an example of the detail view of a transaction in Error, note the Error Reset command button in the bottom left hand corner, which is only displayed for EDI Transactions in Error.

Clicking the Error Reset command will change the status of the EDI Transaction record to a status ready to be processed the next time the ECS/EDI Processor is executed.

Diagnosing the problem with the EDI Message should be performed with the following aids: 

The above example shows that there is an Invalid character in the EDI Message as described by message "Invalid Character found in EDI Message. Character ^ not valid."

The content of the EDI Message in Error can be displayed by clicking on the Display button to display the following: 


The error is clearly identifiable in the second "NAD" segment, which contains the character ^ which is not listed in the Permitted Character set for the associated Syntax Set. 

This error could be resolved by configuring an Outbound Character Replacement for the associated Syntax Set to automatically replace the ^ character with and valid character to prevent this error occurring with future transactions.  


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