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ECS/XML Processor for iSeries

XML is a standard, simple, self-describing way of encoding both text and data so that content can be processed with relatively little human intervention and exchanged across diverse hardware, operating systems, and applications.

XML offers:

  • A widely adopted standard way of representing text and data .
  • In a format that can be processed automatically without much human or machine intelligence.
  • Exchanged across platforms, languages, and applications .
  • Used with a wide range of development tools and utilities.

Electronic Commerce Solutions understands your B2B integration needs. Our integrated XML solution allows you to leverage existing AS/400 Applications to exchange enterprise-to-enterprise information over the Internet.

The ECS/XML Processor allows you to quickly link existing AS/400 applications with any trading partner, regardless of dialect requirements. The ECS/XML Processor provides you with seamless Exchange-to-Exchange compatibility by translating AS/400 data into a common syntax and then simply mapping this information to the target dialect format. This approach allows companies to rapidly deploy new e-business initiatives without reengineering back office applications or being forced to adopt one.

B2B e-commerce solutions should reduce the overall cost of transacting business. ECS provides you with a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution that reduces costly human intervention and time-consuming, inefficient paper-based procedures by supporting the automation of routine tasks such as purchase orders and order acknowledgement.

XML is a universal B2B e-commerce solution that addresses all of your needs and concerns.

  • Openness - XML is a W3C standard, endorsed by software industry market leaders. IBM, Sun, Microsoft, Netscape, DataChannel, SAP and many others have already announced support for XML. Microsoft will use XML as the exchange format for its Office product line, while both Microsoft's and Netscape's Web browsers support XML. SAP has announced support of XML through the SAP Business Connector with R/3.
  • Simplicity - Information coded in XML is easy to read and understand, plus it can be processed easily by computers as well as humans via a Web Browser.

Supports multilingual documents and Unicode - This is important for the internationalisation of applications.

ECS/XML Processor

The ECS/XML Processor is an integrated module of ECS/integrated email providing translation between DB/400 files and XML to support any AS/400 business application transaction. The ECS/XML Processor generates XML formatted transactions sourced from application data in an AS/400 database. Inbound XML transactions are mapped to DB/400 files ready for posting to the AS/400 business application.

Management of Trading Partner relationships and communications is performed using ECS/integrated email (ECS/ie). The XML transaction files can be emailed, FTP'd to your Trading Partners or published on a Web Server.

ECS/ie can be configured to use any MAPI compliant email application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Lotus Notes & Novell Groupwise. ECS/ie can send automated business transactions or error messages in TXT, PDF, HTML or XML formats as email attachments or SMS messages to mobile phones. ECS/ie also performs automated archiving of AS/400 spool files and can publish AS/400 spool files as web pages on a company Intranet or the internet.

ECS XML Processor for AS/400 iSeries b2b buisiness integration  

Support XML Communications

  • email

  • FTP

  • MQSeries

  • POP3 / SMTP

  • IBM IE TCP/IP (Expedite)

  • Cleo Lexicom

    • FTP with optional SSL/TLS for security (FTP/S)

    • HTTP with optional SSL/TLS (HTTPS)

    • AS2 eBusinessReadyTM, certified by Drummond Group

    • IBM Information Exchange

    • Global eXchange Services

    • Sterling Information Broker

    • UCCnet

    • and many more

ECS/XML Processor is fully integrated with the Cleo Lexicom robust communications tool, supporting the widely used IP based protocols FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and AS2 as well as all major Value Added Networks (VANs) 


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