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Professional Services


ECS specialise in ecommerce integration and Secure Managed File Transfer solutions.

ECS Professional services provide consultancy at all levels, from software installation, development, implementation to full project management in the following areas:

  • Managed File Transfer solutions supporting AS2, AS3, ebMS, FTP, FTP/S, FTP.PGP, OFTP, SSH FTP, MQ Series®, SMTP, HTTP, and HTTPS.

  • Secure internet AS2 AS3 sFTP Secure FTP client/server communication solutions

  • Web Portal configuration and implementation using HTTP or HTTPS

  • BPCS Electronic Commerce Manager (ECM) education courses & training.

  • ECM Adapter development (RPG & AS/SET)

  • TrustedLink EDI/400, Harbinger, Premenos, Peregrine, Inovis TLA/400

  • TrustedLink Enterprise for AS/400. (SCK, IDK, ANK)

  • EDI-Sol, EDI/SET (Standards Compliance Kernel, Integration Development Kernel, Advanced Networking Kernel) 

  • EDI Trading Partner Agreement documentation

  • IBM iSeries AS/400 Client/Server application development (VB/ODBC)

  • Integration of AS/400 applications to email for automated transaction processing.

  • XML to AS/400 application integration for B2B or B2C ecommerce.

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 iSeries EDI XML PDF integration   |    Services    |     Support     |    Contact us

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