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> Managed File Transfer solutions

> Secure internet communications software for Certified AS2, AS3, and ebXML Messaging Service (ebMS), and also supports FTP, FTP/S, FTP/PGP, OFTP, SSH FTP, IBM® WebSphere® MQ, SMTP, HTTP, and HTTP/S connections.

> Cleo Lexicom

> Cleo VLTrader


> ECS/ie for iSeries, Convert IBM iSeries business application transactions to XML, EDI, PDF, TXT and HTML.

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> EDI Solutions


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Certificate Manager

Certificate Manager UK



Cleo Business Partner

Cleo Business Partner UK

Cleo Communications software

Cleo Communications software UK

Cleo integration server

Cleo integration server UK

Cleo Lexicom

Cleo Lexicom

Cleo Lexicom EDI a2a

Cleo Lexicom EDI a2b

Cleo Lexicom EDI b2a

Cleo Lexicom EDI b2b

Cleo Lexicom EDI c2c

Cleo Lexicom EDI integration

Cleo Lexicom EDI Parser

Cleo Lexicom EDI Parsing

Cleo Lexicom EDI Processing

Cleo Lexicom EDI Processor

Cleo Lexicom EDI Translator

Cleo Lexicom EDI VAN

Cleo Lexicom Reseller Europe

Cleo Lexicom Reseller Holland

Cleo Lexicom Reseller Nederlands

Cleo Lexicom Reseller Netherlands

Cleo Lexicom Reseller NL

Cleo Lexicom Reseller UK

Cleo Lexicom UK

Cleo Managed File Transfer Solutions

Cleo Managed File Transfer Solutions UK

Cleo Partner

Cleo Partner UK

Cleo secure communications software

Cleo secure communications software UK

Cleo software

Cleo software UK

Cleo software United Kingdom

Cleo UK

Cleo VLTrader

Cleo VLTrader EDI a2a

Cleo VLTrader EDI a2b

Cleo VLTrader EDI b2a

Cleo VLTrader EDI b2b

Cleo VLTrader EDI c2c

Cleo VLTrader EDI integration

Cleo VLTrader EDI Parser

Cleo VLTrader EDI Parsing

Cleo VLTrader EDI Processing

Cleo VLTrader EDI Processor

Cleo VLTrader EDI Translator

Cleo VLTrader EDI VAN

Cleo VLTrader Reseller Europe

Cleo VLTrader Reseller Holland

Cleo VLTrader Reseller Nederlands

Cleo VLTrader Reseller Netherlands

Cleo VLTrader Reseller NL

Cleo VLTrader Reseller UK

Cleo VLTrader UK


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IBM Business Partner in Development for iSeries AS/400 ecommerce solutions  




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